Package vobject :: Module icalendar :: Class UTCDateTimeBehavior
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Type UTCDateTimeBehavior

  object --+        
    Behavior --+    
DateTimeBehavior --+

A value which must be specified in UTC.
Method Summary
(Static method)
    Inherited from DateTimeBehavior
Turn obj.value into a datetime. (Static method)
    Inherited from Behavior
  decode(cls, line)
(Class method)
  encode(cls, line)
(Class method)
  generateImplicitParameters(cls, obj)
Generate any required information that don't yet exist. (Class method)
  lineValidate(cls, line, raiseException, complainUnrecognized)
Examine a line's parameters and values, return True if valid. (Class method)
  serialize(cls, obj, buf, lineLength)
Set implicit parameters, do encoding, return unicode string. (Class method)
  validate(cls, obj, raiseException, complainUnrecognized)
Check if the object satisfies this behavior's requirements. (Class method)
    Inherited from object
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  __new__(T, S, ...)
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helper for pickle
helper for pickle
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Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from DateTimeBehavior
bool hasNative: A boolean describing whether the object can be transformed into a more Pythonic object.
    Inherited from Behavior
bool allowGroup: Whether or not vCard style group prefixes are allowed.
str description: A brief excerpt from the RFC explaining the function of the component or line.
bool isComponent: A boolean, True if the object should be a Component.
dict knownChildren: A dictionary with uppercased component/property names as keys and a tuple (min, max, id) as value, where id is the id used by registerBehavior, min and max are the limits on how many of this child must occur.
str name: The uppercase name of the object described by the class, or a generic name if the class defines behavior for many objects.
bool quotedPrintable: A boolean describing whether the object should be encoded and decoded using quoted printable line folding and character escaping.
list sortFirst: The lower-case list of children which should come first when sorting.
str versionString: The string associated with the component, for instance, 2.0 if there's a line like VERSION:2.0, an empty string otherwise.

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